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MYOR’s team approaches medical challenges with innovative, cutting-edge and multidisciplinary solutions. We use non-invasive skin monitoring devices to characterize optical signatures, biophysical characteristics and microbiome constituents of the skin.

We use this information to inform the individual as to appropriate nutritional or topical interventions to restore health.

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MYOR’s diverse product platform addresses many of today’s most widespread health conditions. Click below to learn more.

  • AI-Empowered Infant Care
  • Precision Diabetic Foods
  • Personalized Infant Formula
  • Mental Health

Atopic eczema (also called atopic dermatitis or eczema), affects up to 25% of children in developed countries and can be the first step towards developing other allergic conditions.

MYOR provides a noninvasive device, coupled with a proprietary algorithm which uses clinical and lifestyle data to predict the occurrence of atopic eczema in infants from birth. At-risk infants are provided with MYOR’s proprietary topical solution to prevent the occurrence of infatile atopic eczema.

MYOR’s AI-Empowered Infant Care platform is the world’s first product capable of predicting and preventing infantile atopic eczema.

MYOR is the world’s first company to propel diabetic food products into the twenty-first century. 

Our pipeline monitors the clinical progression of diabetes and provides personalized food products to slow disease progression and complications. We have developed proprietary food items, including dairy, baked products and confectionary items, which are uniquely positioned to maintain health and prevent diabetes complications. 

These diabetic-friendly foods are low-glycaemic, low in AGEs content and prevent AGEs build-up in the body and enables diabetics to lead a healthier lifestyle with lower healthcare costs.

Parents rely on infant formula to deliver the proper nutritional content to their growing baby. Iron, a critical mineral for proper development, is added to infant formula in a form that is very hard for the body to absorb. As a result, most of the iron in infant formulas pass through the baby’s body and is not used. 

MYOR has developed the world’s first infant formula for iron deficient or anemic babies with a superior iron that can be absorbed at much higher concentrations. Simultaneously, we provide a non-invasive iron monitoring device to health professionals to identify iron deficiency in infants. 

According to the WHO, nearly four out of every 15 people globally are affected by depression or anxiety. 
However, diagnosing depression is not nearly as straight-forward as most other medical disorders. Diagnosis currently relies on a behavioral assessment which is complicated by the different behavioral manifestations of the disorder and the patient’s ability or desire to share it with the medical professional. 

MYOR has uncovered the distinct skin biomarker profile of patients suffering from major depression disorder and has developed the ability to test for depression before many of the clinical manifestations appear. MYOR is also developing a proprietary nutritional pipeline to treat the underlying immune-disregulation to enable both presymptomatic disease detection and treatment. 


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MYOR’s multidisciplinary team combines decades of experience in food technology and skin research. Our highly talented and diverse team, supported by our exemplary advisory board, has what it takes to make the world a healthier place to be.

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